My name is Dmitry, I am Moscow based cross-cultural business trainer. My job is to prepare people coming to work, do business and live in Russia for dealing with specifics of Russian culture in business and in everyday life. Training and coaching I deliver help people of the world understand Russian mindsets on deeper levels, identify and find practical solutions for leveraging differences with their own culture.

I currently offer four core training and coaching products for expats and those dealing with people of Russian culture in business or privately. Each program explores Russian mentality and its influence on specific areas of business and everyday life.

Russia and Russian culture are mysteries for many people from other countries and other cultures. Primary aim of my work is to simplify understanding of Russian business, Russian life and Russian culture to make your business or private dealings with Russian people a success. 

My training brings in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Russian business and life in general. Training techniques I use facilitate developing individual skills for navigating through Russian business environment or daily life.

Below you will find brief descriptions on my training and coaching solutions for expats and anyone who deals with people of Russian culture privately or in business. For booking a session, requesting additional information and any other inquiries please visit Contact page. 

Cross-cultural training on Russia

Explains what culture is and how it works on deeper levels. Covers fundamentals of Russian mentality and its influence on lifestyle, behavior, relationships and other practical aspects of life. Enables participants to identify and address relevant cultural differences. Develops participant-specific ways of addressing gaps between Russian and their native culture. Helps to adapt to living and working in Russia on a practical day to day level.

Working in Russia and managing Russians, doing business with Russians

Explains how culture works as a primary influencer of business. Covers fundamentals of Russian mentality and its effect on ways of doing business, management, leadership, business relationships, practicalities of business activities and other relevant aspects of business.The program explores hidden culture-driven motives and mindsets of Russian nationals expat managers are not always aware of. Enables participants to identify and address relevant cultural differences within business environment. Helps in establishing good working relationships, management and leaderships style that suits local culture. Develops participant-specific ways of addressing gaps between Russian and their native culture. The program focuses on culture-driven specifics of Russian business. Participants explore how business works for Russian people from a culture prospective and ways of efficiently managing and working with Russian employees on a daily basis.

Orientation on culture, business, everyday life in Russia

Orientations are shorter sessions covering only basic specific topics in the areas of your interest on Russia: culture, business or everyday life. Useful for experienced travelers, when you know how culture works and how you manage cultural differences. Orientations are designed to provide condensed practical information on how things work in Russia in areas of your interest. 

Individual consulting sessions

For those expats, current or prospective, people around the world who'd like to discuss certain individual topic related to Russia in general, on relocating to Russia, Russian culture or practicalities of living in Russia. You can book individual session to find answer to specific questions or have a talk on more general topics. Individual coaching sessions help in resolving practical issues related to culture, discuss important subjects related to living and Russia and dealing with Russians, have unbiased opinions on culture, business and life in Russia.